Wells Fargo Personal Banking – Benefits, Reviews

Personal service is for the personal purpose. To get all Wells Fargo Personal Banking services you have to open an account to their website. Wells Fargo ››

Wells Fargo Personal Banking

Personal service is for the personal purpose. To get all their services you have to open an account to their website. You have to give your email id and social security number to them. After opening the account by following their terms and conditions, you are now allowed to receive any of their service.

In their website you will find a option named Personal. In this option you will find other options named Banking, Loans and credit, Insurance, Investing and retirement, wealth management and reward and benefits.

The option Banking will help you to open bank accounts like saving accounts. You can check the balance of the account after opening. You can also issue prepaid, debit and credit cards from this option.

This banking option also provides foreign exchange and global remittance service. If you want to transfer credit from your account to another account, Transfer option is for you.

To save your account from any kind of threat or theft, the Identity Theft Protection option will help you. By using this, you can check your monitor daily and get all the updates of your bank account.


But the major facilities of this option are Wells Fargo Online banking, Online Bill Pay and Mobile Banking. Online Banking helps to operate your account through online by not going to the bank office and Online Bill Pay will help you pay your bills through online using your Wells Fargo bank account. The Mobile Banking another outstanding service provided by Wells Fargo which will ensure you to operate your account only using a smart phone.

Loans and Credit option help you to get loans for Mortgage, Home and personal purpose. You can also take loans for your children’s study by using Student Loan option. For buying private vehicles, Auto Loan will give to the information to get loan.

Insurance option will help you to get different types of insurances like Life, Auto, Special Vehicle and Renters Insurance.


Investment and Retirement option will guide you to invest your money in the most profitable sector. It will also help you to get a proper guide line after your retirement. planning for retirement. Planning for retirement, Income in retirement, and investing in retirement are the options to help you.

Wealth management service helps a person to manage and make the best use of his wealth. You’ll get several options here to get the right information.

Reward option gives you information how to earn reward from Wells Fargo and how to use and share the rewards.

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